Best RFID Credit Card Holder – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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An RFID credit card holder or credit card wallet is one of the most practical purchases any busy individual can make. If you find yourself using your cards all the time and barely ever resorting to cash, then you should have a good RFID blocking credit card holder. It'll make sure that your personal information and card details remain safe while keeping all of your cards and a few bills nicely organized. The following credit card holders are compact, functional and offer great value. Here's a look at three excellent candidates for the best RFID credit card holder available.

Comparison Chart

APHISON RFID Credit Card Holder Wallets for Women Leather Cartoon Patterns Zipper Card Case for Ladies Girls/Gift Box 006

Women’s RFID Blocking 15 Slots Card Holder Leather Zipper Accordion Wallet,Black

Buvelife Credit Card Wallet Leather RFID Wallet with Zipper for Women or Men, Huge Storage Capacity Credit Card Holder (Sky Blue)

Best RFID Credit Card Holder Reviews

Aphison RFID Credit Card Holder Wallet

Aphison supplies their highly functional RFID credit card holder wallets across an astonishingly broad range of creative designs. There are no less than 38 bright and colorful motifs to choose from. While more suited to ladies, there are even a few designs which suit guys as well. You won't find higher quality at a better price. From its superior large zipper to the vivid waterproof patterns, you can see and feel the quality instantly. Let's take a closer look at this excellent option for Aphison.


There's enough for 10 credit cards, more if you take the additional pouches into consideration. With two extra-large divisions for cash, and multi-position holders, this an RFID blocking credit card wallet that works just as great as it looks. Patented RFID Secure technology never leaves you guessing, always protecting the cards inside your wallet. Aphison's RFID credit card holder is big enough for most people and small enough to fit inside a large pocket. It's not a hand-held holder, but it certainly is compact.

Another upside to this attractive credit wallet is that it has the capacity for over fifteen cards. It's a very practical design which gives you easy access to your cards while making it easy for you to identify which is which. Aphison’s RFID blocking credit card holder comes packed in a beautiful box which is lined with a silky-soft fabric. It’s the ideal gift for yourself or a loved one. The quality of the zipper alone makes this purchase worth it. Every aspect of its construction is above-par and guaranteed to last.


  • Huge selection of designs
  • High quality throughout its construction
  • Lined with silky soft fabric
  • Gorgeous gift box supplied
  • Versatile divisions for cards and cash


Not a minimalist wallet

Cynure Women's RFID Blocking Card Holder

The Cynure Women's RFID Blocking Card Holder fits in the palm of your hand and oozes elegance. It's a superb option for any fashion conscious woman who is looking for a compact but stylish way to carry all their cards around. Available in nine colors and large enough for all types of cards and cash, this is a great card holder which leaves you safe and secure thanks to reliable RFID blocking. Here's a closer look at what makes this one of the best card wallets around.


This first thing that you'll notice is that this great card holder from Cynure is made from genuine leather. Compact and attractive, you'll also be happy to know that no practicality is lost in reaching its superior style. Each card compartment is sturdy enough to last, while the entire wallet itself remains cheap enough for you to carry multiple holders to suit a range of dress styles. Between the stainless steel zipper and fabric card slots, there is very little to criticize. Even when you fill it to capacity, there is no distorting of the card holder, and it remains easy to zip close.

Cynure's design is practical and affordable, but this isn't a wallet suited to coins. Where other designs don't generally make proper provision either, most can store a few coins as long as you're careful. This is a wallet which is for strictly cash and cards. Up to 15 cards can be organized without the unit showing any signs of wear and tear, even when put through daily use. Don't rely on the tassel to secure your card holder but it does make a great touch to this wallet's overall looks. If you want something stylish, this may be your best bet.


  • Elegant compact design
  • Up to fifteen cards supported
  • Durable card compartments
  • Stainless steel zipper
  • Fabric card Slots


  • Can’t carry much cash
  • Can’t carry coins

Buvelife Credit Card Wallet for Women

When you want a wallet with massive capacity, you can't beat this outstanding product from Buvelife. The Buvelife Credit Card Wallet for Women is so practical and so stylish that men will also find it to be the perfect solution for carrying around a lot of cards and wads of cash. Let's take a closer look at this leather 36-slot RFID credit card holder from a company which boasts a proud line of high-quality wallets and zippered pouches.


Buvelife Credit Card Wallets for Women come with reliable RFID blocking and are available across ten vibrant colors. Each wallet is made from genuine leather and uses fabric for the pouch inserts rather than plastic. As mentioned, there are 36 compartments for cards and two slots for cash which are big enough to accommodate all international currencies. At just a little bigger than an iPhone 8, you get a wallet which is far more compact than you would expect, especially given the gracious amount of space. On that note, you should also know that it's big enough to fit a cell phone inside in addition to your cards and cash. This is a wonderful wallet.

There are quite a few nice touches added to this card wallet by Buvelife. The genuine leather has a matte finish with just the right amount of grip to prevent the holder from slipping through your hands or out a pocket. It's clear that this wallet is handcrafted with fine attention to detail. They have even used high-density fabric which is both moisture resistant and highly durable for the inner pockets, and the sewing is top-notch.

If you've ever complained that your card holder or wallet is cramped for space, don't think twice about buying this stylish RFID blocking credit card holder from Buvelife.


  • Genuine leather composition
  • Massive capacity
  • Big enough to fit your phone in
  • High-density fabric
  • Moisture resistant inner
  • High-quality sewing


Bigger than most wallets

Final Verdict

The most stylish, colorful contemporary choice is the Aphison RFID Credit Card Holder Wallet. Between its quality and varied range of designs, there is a wallet for everyone and the amount for space provided for the size is astonishing. Cynure has the most compact RFID blocking credit card wallet available that looks great, but you can't beat the massive amount of space of Buvelife's wallet. Buvelife Credit Card Wallets for Women are the ultimate solution for those who have to have all their cards with them.

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