Best RFID Minimalist Wallets of 2019: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Comparison Chart

Runbox Minimalist Slim Bifold RFID Wallet

SWZA Carbon Fiber Wallet

Herschel Charlie RFID Wallet

Ekster Senate Slim Leather Wallet

Fidelo Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet

Best RFID Minimalist Wallet Reviews

1. Runbox Minimalist Slim Bifold RFID Wallet

There is nothing more convenient than having a slim wallet that carries everything you need without being too overbearing. The Runbox Minimalist Slim Bifold RFID Wallet has multiple compartments that make it functional and powerful. With your privacy and security as the two most important features, it can give you the peace of mind you need.

Product Highlights

The main features of the Runbox Minimalist Slim Bifold RFID Wallet include:

  • Strengthened Edges

With most other wallet manufacturers, they cut the edges of the wallet to create smoother edges. However, over time, the edges are more likely to fray, especially with woven fabrics. With this wallet, all of the edges are strengthened by seaming to preserve its integrity.

Another exciting feature is that they use refined Japanese cardboard in the wallet’s design. This material helps it to maintain its shape, even when kept in your back pocket for months. This feature speaks to the durability and reliability of the wallet.

  • Functional Design

There are six card slots and a money clip inside of the wallet that should give you more than enough storage for all of your most essential cards. You’ll also find an ID window where you can easily display your driver’s license or any other type of ID. Our favorite feature is the card slot on the outside of the wallet, which gives you easy access to your most used card.

  • RFID Security Technology

By far, the most beneficial element of the Runbox Minimalist Slim Bifold RFID Wallet is its RFID security technology. Using unique metal composites, this wallet effectively protects debit cards, driver’s licenses, ID cards, and more. However, the manufacturer does state that hotel room cards can’t be blocked with the technology.

  • Built-in Thumb Holes

Have you ever tried to retrieve a card from your wallet only to struggle pulling it from its slot? Luckily, this design features built-in thumbholes that make it much easier to pull cards when needed.

What's to like about the Runbox Minimalist Slim Bifold RFID Wallet

The main thing to like about this RFID wallet is its money clip, as it doesn’t have a money pouch like most other wallets. The clip is very sturdy and gives you the ability to secure numerous bills at one time safely.

You’ll also love how high-quality the wallet feels, as it seems to have a combination of woven plastic and nylon. Since it is designed to be a bifold wallet, you’ll love how small it is when stored in your pocket.

With this, you won’t have to worry about sitting on top of a bulky and large wallet. You can also easily hide it in your front pockets while traveling.

What's not to like about the Runbox Minimalist Slim Bifold RFID Wallet

The biggest issue with this wallet is how it lacks space for cards, especially if you travel with all of your identification, savings cards, and payment cards. As there are only six slots, you’ll have to be very selective with the things you bring with you on a trip.


  • check
    High-quality money clip
  • check
    Feels luxurious and durable
  • check
    Very small when in your pocket


  • Lacks space for cards
  • Not enough storage for money
  • Quite heavy

2. SWZA Carbon Fiber Wallet

Carbon fiber has become a trendy material, especially when you are trying to build something with a lot of durabilities. The SWZA Carbon Fiber Wallet has plenty to offer, from its money clip to an ultra-slim design for the perfect minimalistic aesthetic.

Product Highlights

The main features of the SWZA Carbon Fiber Wallet include:

  • Carbon Fiber Design

Instead of relying on nylon or polyester, this wallet is crafted from premium carbon fiber. This material gives it the resilience and durability you’d expect without being too heavy.

  • RFID Technology

With the help of the RFID technology, you’ll be able to travel without worrying about your data getting compromised.

  • Elastic Band and Money Clip

When you’re carrying money around, you’ll be able to store it in the carbon fiber money clip. There is also an elastic band to assist with offering more card storage. You’ll find that it appears to be a flexible elastic webbing for increased storage.

  • Lightweight and Slim

Overall, the size of the SWZA Carbon Fiber Wallet is smaller than most other wallets. It is also lightweight, as it weighs less than one ounce.

  • Storage Space

Within the wallet, you’ll want to pay close attention to the number of cards you can carry with you. With this wallet, you’ll be able to carry up to nine cards as well as use the money clip for any cash that you have.

  • Durable Features

Aside from the fact that the wallet is made from premium carbon fiber, there are other durable features to consider as well. It is entirely anti-corrosive and doesn’t show any signs of wear and tear after years of use.

What's to like about the SWZA Carbon Fiber Wallet

The SWZA Carbon Fiber Wallet looks incredibly modern and sleek, which is the first thing you’ll notice about it. Also, the wallet arrives with a screwdriver that you can use to remove the money clip from the side if you want.

Unlike the wallet we first looked at, this model certainly does block RFID technology, even with hotel room cards.

What's not to like about the SWZA Carbon Fiber Wallet

The screws may fall out of the wallet, which is our first concern. You will want to consider using some screw glue to keep them in place as soon as you receive the wallet. Many have also found that retrieving your cards from the wallet is quite the hassle, especially if you have more than seven stored.

As the SWZA Carbon Fiber Wallet is made primarily of carbon fiber, you mustn’t keep it in the same pocket as any important electronics. It is very likely to scratch your smartphone or tablet if it gets too close.


  • check
    Modern and sleek aesthetic
  • check
    Comfortably fits up to seven cards
  • check
    The money clip is removable
  • check
    RFID-blocking works


  • Screws may fall out
  • Difficult to retrieve cards
  • Will scratch electronics

3. Herschel Charlie RFID Wallet

Herschel is a top-tier brand that specializes in all types of accessories, including wallets, duffel bags, and backpacks. With this wallet, you’ll have the functionality you’d expect from a luxury brand with plenty of high-quality features.

Product Highlights

The main features of the Herschel Charlie RFID Wallet include:

  • 100% Polyester

If you’re concerned about an RFID wallet that will damage anything else you have in your pocket, this is a far better alternative. Made from 100% polyester, this wallet is easy to bend and fit into small spaces. It is also incredibly soft on the outside, so you can easily keep it in the same pocket as your phone.

  • RFID Layer

On the inside of the wallet, there is a specialized layer of RFID-blocking materials. This layer helps to ensure that you can prevent anyone from randomly scanning your credit, debit, or identification cards.

  • Multiple Card Slots

There are four card slots on the exterior of this wallet, which is what makes it so simple to use every day. On the front, there are two pockets, and on the back, there are two as well. There is also a top-access storage sleeve for you to store small amounts of cash while traveling.

What's to like about the Herschel Charlie RFID Wallet

Even though the Herschel Charlie RFID Wallet has only four card slots, you can easily fit up to 10 cards in the entire wallet with a few bills as well. The wallet is relatively flexible, so you should be able to keep all of your most essential items on you at all times. We also love how slim and sleek the wallet is, making it much easier to carry around.

What's not to like about the Herschel Charlie RFID Wallet

The main issue to be had with this wallet is that it is designed for cards rather than cash. The top-access sleeve is difficult to work with and barely holds more than three bills at a time. A similar issue to other wallets is that retrieving your cards from the Herschel Charlie RFID Wallet can be a hassle, as the slots may be too tight.


  • check
    Slim and sleek
  • check
    Fits up to ten cards
  • check
    Flexible design
  • check
    Easy to carry


  • Difficult to retrieve cards
  • The top-access slot is small
  • Holds minimal cash

4. Ekster Senate Slim Leather Wallet

There’s something about this wallet that seems more professional and elitist than the other designs we’ve explored on this list. The Ekster Senate Slim Leather Wallet is for a man who is searching for a high-fashion wallet that is equally as functional. With plenty of interesting features, this wallet is paired perfectly with more formal occasions.

Product Highlights

The main features of the Ekster Senate Slim Leather Wallet include:

  • Instant Card Access

Our favorite feature of this wallet is that it has instant card access. All you have to do is press the button on the front of the wallet, and it will provide you with the cards you need.

  • Storage Options

If you’re looking for a wallet with more than four pockets, this is the one to choose. In all of the pockets, you should be able to carry seven or more cards. There is also a built-in aluminum cardholder that takes an additional four to six cards.

  • Premium Design

There are two primary materials used to craft this wallet: leather and aluminum. The leather is premium top-grain and tanned using gold-rated LWG-certified protocols. As for the aluminum, it is 6063 T5 anodized aluminum in space grey.

  • RFID Technology

It is essential that your information is safe and secure, which is why you’re shopping for an RFID wallet. The technology in this model is designed to protect you from scammers and electronic pickpockets.

  • Compatible with Esker Tracker Card

Are you the type of person who is frequently losing their belongings? With the help of the Esker Tracker Card, you can always know where your wallet is. You’ll be able to call your wallet or track it on a map with the card that is sold separately.

What's to like about the Ekster Senate Slim Leather Wallet

The Ekster Senate Slim Leather Wallet is by far one of the most accessible RFID wallets we’ve looked into. The most notable feature is its instant access, which prevents you from struggling to get a grip on the card you need. We also love the sleek and stylish appearance of the wallet that will work with any man’s style.

With premium materials, such as aluminum and top-grade leather, you’ll impress an entire crowd every time you take out your wallet. Meanwhile, you’ll also be protecting yourself from electronic pickpockets with its RFID technology.

What's not to like about the Ekster Senate Slim Leather Wallet

Unfortunately, the Ekster Senate Slim Leather Wallet shows wear and tear quickly, especially with the leather. We also found that it didn’t carry as many cards as advertised, though this will depend on the thickness of your cards and any embossing.


  • check
    High profile design
  • check
    RFID technology
  • check
    Easy to use
  • check
    Simple to retrieve cards


  • Shows wear and tear
  • Holds few cards

5. Fidelo Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet

Durability and minimalism are the two main characteristics of the Fidelo Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet. It boasts an ultra-modern design while also providing the convenience you’d expect from a wallet you’d carry every day.

Product Highlights

The most exciting features of the Fidelo Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet include:

  • Storage Capacity

Depending on the thickness of your cards, you could be able to carry up to 12 credit, debit, and ID cards with this incredibly slim wallet. It is less than two inches in width and four inches in height, making it perfect to fit into any pocket. There are also four different bill fold bands that you can take advantage of on the inside of the wallet.

  • Carbon Fiber Design

The primary material used to create this wallet is carbon fiber, which offers optimal durability without being too heavy. The carbon fiber is said to be stronger than steel and is highly resistant against scratching and dents.

  • RFID Protection

With the ability to keep your private information safe, the RFID protection in this wallet is one of its most significant selling features. Each of the card slots comes with the technology to keep your data secure, as it blocks 13.56 MHz frequencies. However, it does not block 125 MHz frequencies, such as hotel room keys.

  • Easy Card Retrieval

At the bottom of the wallet, you will notice that your cards will be slightly exposed. By using your thumb to push the cards upwards, you’ll be able to remove all cards from their individual slots easily. Also, the wallet features beveled edges so that you can easily insert new cards.

What's to like about the Fidelo Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet

Many have found that this is the perfect minimalist wallet for them, especially as it’s quite compact even with cards and money stored. The money clips are intuitively designed, as they firmly hold onto your bills without the need for silicone; the silicone may make it more difficult to retrieve the money. You’ll also appreciate how easy it is to add and remove cards, as necessary.

What's not to like about the Fidelo Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet

The main concern to be had with the Fidelo Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet is that it doesn’t block all frequencies. Your work access cards will still be readable through the wallet.

We also found a concern with the number of cards that you can hold and easily get to. On average, if you carry more than five cards at a time, it will be quite challenging to remove them from the wallet.


  • check
    Very minimalistic design
  • check
    Intuitive money clips
  • check
    Easy to remove cards


  • Not ideal for more than five cards
  • RFID doesn’t block all frequencies


As you can guess, finding the best RFID minimalist wallet means that you’ll have reliable technology in a sleek and modern design. There are also several other features you’ll want to pay close attention to when you begin shopping.


The amount of space you have to store cards and money should be at the forefront of any wallet you’re considering. You’ll want to take inventory of your most used cards and determine which ones you’ll carry on you all of the time. These items include credit, debit, and identification cards, as well as any savings and points cards.

Ideally, you’ll want a wallet that allows you to carry essential items, as this will keep your pockets organized with the things you need. Also, it will help to reduce the amount of bulk that you have in your wallet. On average, people find that if they can store up to seven cards, this is more than enough space.

You will also want to take the time to find a wallet that has a safe and reliable way of storing cash. Many prefer money clips, whereas others may like to have a money pouch instead. To keep the minimalistic approach to RFID wallets, money clips are likely your best bet.


Many specialty wallets contain a ton of materials, including steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber, to add resilience over the years. However, these materials can also add to the weight of your wallet. If you’re someone who travels often, you’d be better off opting for a design that is lightweight and easy to carry.

This point means you’ll want to consider a wallet that is either made of carbon fiber or woven materials, such as nylon and polyester. By limiting how bulky your wallet is, it will fit more seamlessly in your pocket without bulging.

RFID Technology

Protecting your personal information is very important in today’s society, and as such, you’ll want premium RFID-blocking technology in your wallet. It’s best if you can confirm the specific frequencies the wallet is designed to block, as not every design is the same. For example, some may prevent card readers but not hotel room keys.

To make sure you’re getting the best deal for your money that will keep you protected, you’ll want everything to be blocked. Although this may cost you a little more, it’s well worth the investment, as you won’t ever have to worry about your data being stolen.


As mentioned, there are plenty of materials that you can find when you begin shopping for wallets. For a more classic appeal, you’ll want to opt for a leather or faux leather material. More modern men will appreciate the sleekness of carbon fiber or steel, as it has a more utilitarian aesthetic.

When choosing materials, you’ll also want to take durability into account, as some materials are better than others. Leather, on the one hand, looks great at first, but shows signs of wear and tear over time. Carbon fiber, in comparison, never shows signs of wear, is very difficult to scratch, and maintains its shape after using the wallet every day.


Every wallet comes in different designs, whether it’s trifold, bifold, front pocket wallets, or basic money clips. The model typically has a lot to do with the amount of storage you have at your fingertips. It will also decide which pocket you have to keep your wallet in.

If you’re looking for a very minimalistic design, we recommend a bifold wallet as it only folds in half once, rather than having multiple sleeves for you to use. Although it has the least amount of storage, it’s the slimmest and sleekest option.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is RFID blocking?

The central premise behind RFID blocking is to prevent you from falling victim to digital pickpockets. These unsavory individuals use devices to do what is called RFID skimming. This event is when they steal personal information and data from the cards in your wallet by using a highly illegal method.

Because credit cards, passports, and driver’s licenses all have radio frequency identification chips embedded in their material, an RFID blocker protects your data.

2. What does an RFID wallet do?

RFID wallets are specifically designed to protect your personal information from digital pickpockets. They have a layer of protective material that surrounds the cards you have stored in your wallet. When a digital reader is near the cards, it is unable to gather any information from your belongings.

3. What are minimalist wallets?

Minimalist wallets are a fantastic investment for the type of man who doesn’t need to carry a lot of items with him. Most people have one to two credit cards and a single debit card, which means they don’t need a large and bulky wallet that takes up space. With their sleek and stylish edges, minimalist wallets are the perfect alternative to traditional wallets.

4. How long does RFID last in a wallet?

When your wallet blocks RFID signals, the technology will last in your wallet as long as the layer of blocking material does. As long as your wallet doesn’t tear or get damaged over time, you should be able to have a high level of protection for years. On average, users tend to replace their RFID wallets every 15 to 20 years.

5. What is the best minimalist wallet for men?

The best minimalist wallet for men is something that you can easily slide into your pocket or briefcase without feeling encumbered. It should have more than enough storage for your most crucial credit, debit, and identification cards. However, it should also have more than enough space for you to carry a moderate amount of cash on you as well.

You will want to choose a wallet made from high-quality materials that offer durability, flexibility, and convenience. An added benefit would be a minimalist wallet that is easy to use when removing and replacing cards as well.


Our choice for the best minimalist RFID blocking wallet for men is undoubtedly the Ekster Senate Slim Leather Wallet. With its professional and luxurious appearance, it’s quite impressive and will look great when you take it out to pay.

What’s more, it has plenty of durable features to provide. You’ll love the quality of the card slots that are accessible with a push of a button. The built-in money clip is also phenomenal for efficiently storing cash. Overall, it has the most streamlined appearance and is easy to use daily.

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