Best RFID Passport Wallet – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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An RFID blocking passport wallet is exactly what today's traveler needs for good security and complete peace of mind. Whether we realize it or not, RFID scanners place your critical personal information at risk. Credit cards, receipts, identity documents, your passport, and all forms of coupons and other security-sensitive details can be stolen if you aren't adequately protected.

Today's criminals can scan all your documents within seconds, making you a potential victim of many crimes. Guard yourself against identity theft, credit card fraud and more by making sure that you've picked out the best RFID passport wallet from our guide. Each item ensures that your privacy remains confidential.

Comparison Chart

Habitoux, RFID Blocking Passport Holder Travel Wallet – Genuine Crazy Horse Leather, Brown, Free

Inspiring Adventures Genuine Leather Passport and Credit Card Holder | RFID Blocking Bifold Wallet | Slim and Minimalist Design | Includes Unique Gift Box | For Men and Women

AurDo RFID Blocking Real Leather Passport Holder Cover Case & Travel Wallet for Men & Women (Cognac)

Best RFID Passport Wallet Reviews

Habitoux RFID Blocking Passport Holder Travel Wallet

Habitoux’s RFID Blocking Passport Holder Travel Wallet is the ideal solution for someone looking for a wallet with an aged leather look. Between its aged, distressed appearance and the prime quality of craftsmanship in the stitching, to the fit of the pocket, this is clearly one of the best travel wallets out there. Gorgeous enough for a gift and durable enough to last for years, let’s take a closer look at this outstanding wallet from frequent travelers.


This is a wallet that looks better with age. Only the finest quality importance Crazy Horse genuine cow leather has been used to deliver with unbeatable durability. This is the same leather used for horse saddles, ensuring that your document and cash carrier looks great and lasts. You're given ample space for cash, enough room for two passports, a vertical pocket to store cards or small paper items, three additional card slots, and a large pocket for documents such as boarding passes and traveler's checks.

From the moment that you lay eyes on this wallet, the quality is evident. Habitoux has done a great job of making sure that the leather is soft with a classic suede feel. It is also so good looking that you'd never guess that it's an RFID wallet. The only possible downside is that once you're squeezed in two passports, everything else is a tight fit. This is also a slightly heavier travel wallet than the other two options reviewed. Nonetheless, the extra weight is nothing more than a hallmark of its superior style and roomy capabilities as a bifold wallet.


  • 6 color variations
  • RFID blocking lining
  • Distressed Crazy Horse cow leather
  • Ample amount of pockets
  • Gorgeous gift box packaging
  • Big enough for two passports
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Inspiring Adventures RFID Blocking Bifold Wallet

Inspiring Adventures boasts an RFID blocking bifold wallet that elevates the classic look using designer style straight out of London's leading fashion houses. This elegant option makes for the ideal travel wallet for those who are looking for either a pitch black classic look or a range of striking colors in the same timeless style. No matter which you choose, you're rewarded with more than enough space for all your cards, identity documents, a passport or two, and your cash. Let's take you through a closer look at this inspiring travel offering from Inspiring Adventures.


Handcrafted and the product of premier design and innovation, this passport wallet from Inspiring Adventures is made from genuine leather. A total of seven pockets are provided, each of which is entirely RFID shielded. Their design is big enough for two passports, but it'll still fit in any regular-sized pocket. Inspiring Adventures just seems to get everything right with this travel wallet. It's the ideal size, thickness, and weight. The stitching is of great quality, and the wallet isn't unnecessarily hard or stiff.

The only potential point of criticism of this otherwise outstanding travel wallet is that the leather is very soft, unlike the rough texture of competing products. Still, it's not a problem for durability and its unlikely that it'll end up slipping out your pocket. This is a wallet that looks great and works well. Your cards fit in snugly, and two passports can be carried without making everything mash together tightly. Bifold wallets don't get much better than this. You even have the benefit of knowing that Inspiring Adventures will plant a tree in lure of your purchase.


  • Fashionable designer-crafted style
  • 5 vivid colors available
  • RFID shielding with 7-pocket protection
  • A tree planted for every purchase
  • Large enough for 2 passports
  • Attractive gift box packaging
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Soft feel resembles nylon instead of genuine leather
  • Tight fit on second passport

AurDo RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

AurDo RFID Blocking Travel Wallet is handcrafted by artisans in India, while every aspect of the design is inspected and quality checked by dedicated staff in the United States. This is a wallet which looks and feels great thanks to the soft Napa leather construction and practical design.

Available across nine styles and proudly boasting one of the most practical designs out of all wallets reviewed, AurDo have done a great job with this product. Let's delve closer into what makes this a winning option for anyone who wants a compact, safe way to carry their cards, ID, money and passport.


AurDo travel wallets have RFID blocking which is tested by independent laboratories to block all frequencies between 10Mhz and 3000Mhz. This means that all passports, credit cards, credit cards and other forms of RFID tagged identification are completely safe. Doubling as a document organizer and durable enough to last for years, this is a wallet with a classic minimalist look that is as practical as it is attractive. Top grain soft black Napa leather and quality stitching are just two features hinting towards the quality provided by AurDo.

The company is so proud of their wallets that a 100% satisfaction guarantee backs each purchase.  An AurDo travel is designed to carry seven credit cards, one passport, and there are three additional sections and a compartment for money. It's also large enough to accommodate international bills without any problems. Even though AurDo rates their holder to fit one passport, two fit comfortably, and it is big enough for a 52-page passport as well.


  • Proven RFID protection
  • 9 varied styles
  • Two passport compatibility
  • Super-soft high-grade leather
  • Matte non-slip finish
  • Compact design
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee


Soft leather will wear over time

Final Verdict

A good passport wallet will change the way that you travel. Most people end up finding that it's so convenient that they never go back to a normal wallet. With its focus on style and elegance shown in everything from the elegant embossed design to the quality of the gift box, Inspiring Adventures has one of the best RFID passport wallets money can buy.

Our other two options come close, but it tops the charts across all aspects of quality, from room and cards to enough space for two passports — it’s a winner. Habitoux's RFID blocking passport wallet may be preferred by those looking for a classic leather look, and AurDo delivers astounding value at a very low price.

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