Best RFID Wallet Womens Style: Out with Old, In with the New

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The world has changed, and almost no one uses cold, hard cash to pay for things anymore. As a convenient alternative, credit cards are much easier to carry and use. While most believe that credit cards are safer than carrying cash, they may be wrong. The truth is, it’s just as easy to get your money stolen through RFID or radio frequency identification.

Criminals use this type of technology to scan your card without even taking it out. Just by simply walking past them or being in the same area, your information is at risk. To help ensure that they can’t pick up your card’s information, you should invest in the best RFID wallet womens.

Best RFID Wallet Womens

1. Bveyzi RFID Blocking Wallet

Bveyzi is a perfect solution for anyone wanting a large credit card wallet that comes in a variety of different colors. It is also designed with an attached wrist strap for convenience, and everything is secured through a sturdy reinforced zipper.


  • Multi-Card

There are up to 17 credit card slots that you can use to store gift cards, credit, debit, and more. Each slot is surrounded by RFID-blocking fabric, which can help prevent your information from being scanned and stolen.

  • Huge Capacity

Besides this, the wallet can fit an iPhone 7 plus or other small devices. You will also be able to store your passport, checkbook, and other vital objects in the side pocket.

  • Easy Access

A zipper-style design is much easier to use than other types of wallets. Not only does it keep your items secured, but it is also quick to unzip and give you speedy access to your cards when you need them.

  • Genuine Leather

Each wallet uses genuine leather materials, which gives it a unique look. There are nine different colors to choose from, giving you a wide range of options to embrace your style.

  • Gift Box Option

Are you thinking about purchasing it for friends or family members? The wallet comes in a gift box packaging, which is perfect for special events. You can gift it on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or other special days.


  • Available in different colors
  • Features a sturdy design
  • Has a large capacity
  • Provides easy access
  • Comes in a gift-ready packaging


  • Slots are tight

2. Travelambo RFID Blocking Wallet

The next on our list is the Travelambo RFID Blocking Wallet. This one features a slim design and is best for minimalists. There are 24 different colors and styles to choose from, enabling you to choose one to your liking. As a result, you will have no trouble matching it to your outfit or purse.


  • Large Capacity

While the wallet may not be that big in size, it does come with 16 different card slots that you can use to store credit, debit, membership, or gift cards. Slide them into the RFID-blocking slots, and you’ll be able to keep them safe and organized.

  • Zipper Slots

Located on each side of the wallet, there are two zipper compartments that can hold small objects or cash. One compartment is big enough to hold your checkbook, mobile phone, or ID. This gives you plenty of methods for keeping all the essentials protected.

  • Two Button Adjustment

The wallet comes with two RFID-blocking features. The first is ideal for keeping your information on your cards secured and for preventing theft. The second lining is used to protect your information while your wallet is open and empty.

  • Handmade

Travelambo believes in providing a sturdy product that looks both classy and elegant. All materials used are top-quality and are handcrafted by experts. This not only provides a longer lifespan but also allows the wallet to be fashionable.


  • Lightweight
  • Fashionable and slim design
  • Handcrafted
  • Large card capacity


  • Doesn’t hold larger phones
  • The zipper may need to be replaced

3. Leopardd RFID Blocking Leather Wallet

The last wallet we’ve picked out is the Leopardd RFID Blocking Leather Wallet. It is a small and compact wallet that is perfect for storing in a purse. There are multiple compartments in this wallet, which can be used to store cash, change, and cards. Want a better look at what this wallet has to offer? Keep reading!


  • Genuine Leather

Every part of the wallet is crafted using genuine leather. The company sources their finest milled cowhide and makes sure they’re giving you a quality product. Cowhide is known to be soft, smooth, and more durable than your average leather.

  • Safe and Effective

Because crime is always changing and finding ways to bypass security measures, the company has released its 3.0 version. It’s equipped to protect against RFID waves and works at a frequency of 13.5 MHZ.

This protects against theft for credit, debit, and other card information. However, it doesn’t protect against 125 MHZ signals, which can still steal ID cards or shopping card information.

  • Small Design

The design is small, but it’s not intended to hold all of your possessions. It’s best for those looking for a wallet to keep inside other bags. Store it in your pocket, purse, or school bag.

In this wallet, you’ll find an ID window, a coin pocket, two money pockets, and 10 slots for cards.

  • Stainless Steel Zipper

The zipper is crafted to be durable and to secure everything inside. It’s easy to use and doesn’t get stuck or come undone like the other ones might. If you’re looking for a tiny yet secure wallet, you can’t go wrong with this one.

  • Money Back Guarantee

Lastly, if you’re not satisfied with the product, the company provides a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchase. Give it a chance, and if you still aren’t pleased, they’ll refund your entire purchase.


  • Very compact
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple compartments
  • Four color choices
  • Upgraded defenses


  • Very small


Keeping your credit card information and IDs safe from potential theft should be one of your number one priorities. While you think it may not happen to you, there’s more risk than ever if you’re not using an RFID-blocking wallet.

The more people have RFID-blocking wallets, the higher chances of you being targeted because you’re one of the only people left not protected. As you can see, we can’t stress enough how bad identity theft is. Unknown charges and fees can add up over time, so don’t take the chance and let it happen to you.

If we were to choose one off our list, the Bveyzi RFID Blocking Wallet is the best RFID wallet womens. It features the best reviews, comes in multiple colors, and gives you extra space all while protecting your information.

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