Fidelo Slim Leather RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder and Wallet Review

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When it comes to modern crime, the act of scanning someone's credit or debit card in order to get information that can be used to steal cash and personal data, has to one of the more disreputable. Not just for the potential financial loss, but for the stress it puts the victim under in terms of knowing someone has their private information.

The thing is, all this grief and distress could be easily avoided by keeping your cards in a wallet which has RFID blocking, and one of the most successful in terms of customer satisfaction is the Fidelo Slim Leather RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder and Wallet, so let's check it out.

Fidelo Slim Leather RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder and Wallet Review

This is an RFID blocking credit card holder with a difference because whereas others are only metal, or leather or nylon, this one uses metal and leather materials. The metal is used for the main wallet, and the leather is used for the case into which the wallet can be placed.

It is made by a company based in Washington state, called Fidelo, which makes a range of wallets and credit card holders, and it is fair to say that their design is very much targeted towards male customers.

In the range that this particular credit card holder belongs to, it is also possible to buy just the metal wallet or just the leather case, and there are some color options too.

Who is this product for?

It is clear from the styling and the design of, not just this product, but all the products that Fidelo produce, that their target market is men, but there is nothing to stop females from using this product, and no doubt many will find the styling attractive.

Obviously, the main role of this wallet is to protect credit cards, and anyone, male or female, who wants to ensure that their cards are safe from thieves scanning them, will benefit from this product's RFID blocking capabilities.

The fact that it comes with a leather case into which the metal wallet can be placed will appeal to those who do not like the feel or look of metal or are simply concerned that the metal may get scratched.

What's included?

This is one of the few RFID wallets or card holders where there is more than one item which will be delivered to you, and in this instance, it is four. The main item will be the metal card holder wallet, the second is the leather case, and the third and fourth will be two elasticated money clip bands which can be used in conjunction with the wallet to hold folded money.

Overview of features

The main part of this product is the credit card holder wallet which is made from premium aluminum. This makes it very robust, without causing the weight of it to be burdensome when you're carrying it. It can hold five cards, and the lever on the side makes it very easy to remove them. Bear in mind that all the while cards are inside the wallet, they are protected from RFID scanners, and thus your personal data on them is secure too.

The case is made from supple leather and provides the wallet with protection. It also provides additional storage for folding money or receipts. Its dimensions are 4.3 inches x 2.9 inches x 0.5 inches and thus it should be small enough to fit conveniently into most pockets.

With your purchase, you will also receive two money clips belts with elastic to secure them. These can be wrapped around the case to hold folding money, ticket stubs, or other small documents that you may need easy access to

How to use it

If we start with the metal card holder first, this is very easy to use. It can hold up to five cards and all you need do is place each one inside the wallet, ensuring they are pushed in all the way. On the bottom edge of the card holder wallet, you see small lever, and it’s this you slide in order to remove a card whenever you need it to pay for something.

The leather case is used to protect the metal wallet, and to do so you simply slide the wallet into the case. There are no fasteners or clips required to hold the wallet securely inside the case. On one side of the leather case, you will see a large slot, and this can be used to place folded money or two additional credit cards if you have more than the five which the credit card holder can accommodate.

The final items are the money clips which are elasticated and can be wrapped around the wallet and leather case to hold folded money. There isn't actually a clip as such so you do need to fasten it.


  • Made from robust premium aluminum
  • Leather case to protect wallet
  • Holds up to seven cards
  • Two money clip bands
  • Color options


  • Leather case prone to scratches
  • Cards do not cascade when ejected


If you a looking for a combination of metal wallet with a leather case which is even more minimalist than the Fidelo one we have been looking at, then you should seriously consider the Conceal Plus Minimalist RFID Blocking Credit Card Wallet.

The main card holder is made from premium aluminum which can store and protect up to 4 embossed cards and has a simple sliding lever to eject them when needed. Protecting the wallet is a soft leather case, which fits very snuggly around it. This minimizes the overall size and means it will fit easily into your packet. The leather case also has space for folding money or small folded documents.


Not only does the Fidelo Slim Leather RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder and Wallet look great, but it's also convenient, has a decent card capacity, and it will protect those cards from RFID scanning thieves. It will also make for a very stylish and practical gift.

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