Best RFID Front Pocket Wallet – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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A front pocket wallet is a highly popular alternative to standard wallets and other forms of compact storage. Once you find a front pocket wallet with the right design, you'll soon wonder how you ever went without one in the first place. Today's hectic lifestyle requires a wallet which gives immediate access to your cards and nothing more than a few bills of cash. This is why a front pocket wallet works so well.

You've got everything in one place and within reach without ever losing track of where your valuables are. Here's a look at three of the best RFID front pocket wallets available for convenience and security.

Comparison Chart

Chelmon Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet Minimalist Secure Thin Credit Card Holder (01 carbon leather black)

RFID Front Pocket Slim Wallets- Genuine Leather Handmade Minimalist Credit Card Holder By Clifton Heritage (Small, 01 Black Carbon)

Travelambo RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Slim Wallet Genuine Leather Small Size (01 carbon fiber texture black)

Best RFID Front Pocket Wallet Reviews

Chelmon Slim RFID Front Pocket Wallet

The Chelmon RFID front pocket wallet carries a minimalist design and complete genuine leather composition. Practical, affordable, and stylish, it's the ideal way to carry essentials like ID cards, bank cards, credit cards, and cash. It's specifically designed to carry six cards and more without bulging in your front pocket. Let's look closer at what makes this a top option for any fashion-conscious individual looking for executive style.


In total, there are six card slots, a window for your ID or other documents, and a large money pocket which is big enough for international bills. The compact design is purposed for front pockets but fits comfortably in the back as well. From the stitching to the oiled edges which prevents fraying, every aspect of this RFID blocking front pocket wallet exudes quality. Everything packs in tightly which guarantees that there is no losing money, cards, or receipts through your day.

Even after a year's worth of use, users report that this wallet stays looking great. The leather becomes a little softer which actually makes it easier to get your cards out. Small enough to never be uncomfortable but sturdy enough never to be forgotten, this is a front pocket wallet that you'll be carrying everywhere.

The packaging is good enough for a gift, and your wallet even comes with a cloth bag. This is one wallet where compact definitely doesn't translate to a more inferior quality. You'll be able to replace most wallets with its practical way of sorting cards and cash.


  • Long-lasting leather improving with age
  • Distressed leather for toughness & aesthetics
  • Highly functional card and card divisions


Extremely lightweight

Clifton Heritage RFID Blocking Front Pocket Wallet

The Clifton Heritage, RFID Front Pocket Wallet, carries a functional design which works as good as it looks. Made from cow's leather and boasting a minimalist design that gives you more space than you'd expect, the value provided by Clifton Heritage is astounding. With more than enough space for cards, cash, and multiple IDs, you may never go back to a normal wallet again. Let's look closer at what makes this RFID blocking front pocket wallet so special.


There are five card slots, a document holder, ID compartment and place for you to keep cash including oversized international notes. It's a great unisex wallet which has advanced RFID blocking technology that guarantees your privacy is safe. They're so proud of their versatile capacity design and a keen eye for quality that every wallet is backed by a one year refund or replacement warranty.

This is the right wallet for anyone that is looking for a very slim design. Its super compact which could be too compact for some but one thing that you can't beat is its luxury looks. Almost all competing brands pale in comparison. Clifton Heritage has crafted a front pocket wallet that fits front or back pockets without any risk of slipping out thanks to the stylized pattern upon a matte leather surface. Don't think twice if you want an RFID front pocket design that values lightweight construction and elegant craftsmanship.


  • Luxurious style and sophisticated design
  • 100% premier quality cow’s leather
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Unisex


Slightly expensive

Travelambo RFID Front Pocket Wallet

A Travelambo RFID Front Pocket Wallet is an affordable solution to carrying cash and cards. It's very compact and remains practical despite its small size. The RFID blocking is boasted to be flawless thanks to independent testing, and you can undoubtedly see the dedication through little things like the silver stitching, and a surface with light branding and a matte finish. Here's a closer look at this winning wallet from Travelambo.


The first thing that you'll notice about this great wallet is the price. The superior looks at its low-cost price point don't seem to add up as you come face to face with a wallet that screams quality. Travelambo has shaped an RFID front pocket wallet from grained Napa leather which boasts independently certified RFID Blocking. It looks great and is far more practical than most designs. You get 10 cards slots which remain functional even when your wallet is packed to capacity and two larger slots for cash and slips.

Travelambo has gone to great extremes to put their wallet a step ahead of the competition. Absolutely no chemicals are used in the leather curing process, only vegetable oils.  Each wallet is handmade, and a well-thought-out unisex design is used across a range of 35 different colors. You'll definitely find one to match your personal sense of style.

A 1-year guarantee also confirms that you'll be getting quality. It even holds up well to infrequently cleaning with a rag and mild-soapy water. Arriving at a midway between luxury and affordability, the quality and value of this RFID front pocket wallet will keep blowing you away.


  • Matte leather finish
  • 35 different colors/designs
  • RFID blocking confirmed by independent labs


Very compact

Final Verdict

Clifton Heritage is the clear winner for those who demand the ultimate quality from their RFID blocking wallet. There's even a range of attractive colors to choose from, and the minimalist styling guarantees that it’s versatile. Both Chelmon and Travelambo have created RFID blocking credit card wallets which supply extraordinary value and quality exceeding our expectations.

These two options are near equal, and it will ultimately come down to which design you prefer the look of the most. The independent testing and sheer selection of designs may sway you towards Travelambo but don't overlook Chelmon's finishing touches like oiled edges. It may change your decision.

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